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Thesis(M.A.) - University of Surrey, 1996.

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The purpose of this study was to examine 1) the magnitude and direction of discrepancy between how principals and their teachers perceive the principal’s effectiveness and 2) what predicts.

Research using teacher or external observer perceptions to study teachers' regulation of students' learning is rather common, while student perceptions are infrequently used (den Brok, This is similar to the normative study of Avolio and Bass () and Bass and Yammarino ().

"@en; schema:description " Study results imply that principals need to develop better self-awareness of the discrepancy between self-perceived leadership behaviors and their teachers' perceptions.

Gaining insight and self-awareness of the difference. However, students’ and teachers’ perceptions about the value and meaning of written corrective feedback is still an overlooked area in L2 writing in EFL contexts. Therefore, this study aims to find out the similarities and differences between students’ and teachers’ perceptions about written.

A Discrepancy in Teachers and Principals Perceptions of Educational Initiatives. Linder Ifat, Weissblueth Eyal* actions required by the principals, leaving their role open for is required to sign the teacher’s request for taking this course.

A qualitative study of teachers' perceptions of school climate utilizing the interview method Winter, Jeffrey Steven, Ph.D. Waterman () In their book In Search of Excellence stated that a strong set of shared norms and expectations led to high performance and a. A Study of Student Achievement, Teacher Perceptions, and IXL Math BEAVERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT.

April 15, IXL Learning contracted with Empirical Education to study the effectiveness of IXL Math in Beaverton School District.

During the year, IXL Math, an interactive, cloud-based practice environment, was used to supplement instruction. were computed to determine the relationship between teacher beliefs and student perceptions.

Students’ negative comments were also considered. In addition, the two middle school teachers demonstrating the greatest discrepancy between their beliefs and their students’ perceptions about their caring behavior, along with the two teachers who Cited by: 1.

Is required to use the severe discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability b. Is not required to consider a severe discrepancy between achievement and intellectual ability c.

May use a process that determines if a student responds to scientific, research-based intervention as part of the evaluation d. B and C only. relationship between teacher expectations and teacher perceptions of student attributes such as working habits, popularity, self-confidence, student-teacher relationships, and classroom behavior and (2) to investigate to what extent teacher perceptions of student attributes may Cited by: Feb 08,  · The aim of the present study was (1) to contribute to the body of knowledge on the relationship between teacher expectations and teacher perceptions of student attributes such as working habits, popularity, self-confidence, student-teacher relationships, and classroom behavior and (2) to investigate to what extent teacher perceptions of student Cited by: This descriptive study examined classroom activity settings in relation to children’s observed behavior during classroom interactions, child gender, and basic teacher behavior within the preschool classroom.

children were observed for an average of 80 minutes during 8 occasions across 2 days using the inCLASS, an observational measure that conceptualizes behavior into teacher, peer, task Cited by: The purpose of this study was to explore the discrepancy between teacher beliefs and behavior in a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) environment.

Using a survey and observations, this study demonstrated that tutors prefer learner-oriented beliefs, but in their teacher behavior they showed a more traditional approach to by: Page 2: Influence of Teacher Perceptions.

Teacher perceptions—the thoughts or mental images teachers have about their students—are shaped by their background knowledge and life experiences. These experiences might involve their family history or tradition, education, work, culture, or community.

Using Instructional Strategies to Enhance Student Achievement Ingrid A. Thomas, MEd at- risk, and low performance, is defined as the discrepancy between capability and performance that occurs over time (Rathvon, ).

Therefore, the demands and National Study entitled Supervisor Perceptions of the Quality of Troops to Teachers Program. classroom. This study also identified the various behaviors the educators face in the classroom. By gaining an understanding of teacher perceptions of problematic behavior, this study will highlight types of problematic behavior educators are handling in the classroom and how much learning time is being lost due to student disruption.

A Study of Teachers’ Perceptions of Participating in Professional Learning Communities and the Relationships between General and Special Education Teachers.

() Directed by Dr. William D. Bursuck. The purpose of this study was to explore perceptions of teachers who participated in professional learning communities, and the.

The purpose of this study was to describe a process of preparing technology education teachers to teach engineering design concepts in the context of technology education. This process was identified through a study of professional development activities that were organized and conducted by technology teacher education partner universities of the National Center for Engineering and Technology Cited by: 1.

CO-TEACHING: A CASE STUDY OF TEACHERS’ PERCEPTIONS!. Abstract The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) of have directly contributed to an increase in students receiving inclusive specialized instruction within the general education classroom Valerie M.

Smith. The Effects of Teacher Match on Academic Perceptions and Attitudes A considerable body of evidence points to large, persistent achievement gaps between minority and white students that have only modestly improved since the s (Clotfelter, Ladd, & Vigdor, ; Hanushek, Ingram, & Kenyon, ).

Additional gaps exist across gender lines. This study investigates student perceptions of the behavior of physics teachers in relation to some other variables in the classroom situation. The research was carried out as a Dutch option of the Second International Science Study.

Data were gathered in 65 classrooms of physics teachers with. Coakley, Barry -S., Interrelationships Between Children's Perceptions of Parents, Teacher Ratings, and Human Figure Drawings. Master of Science (Clinical Psychology), December,33 pp., 6 tables, bibliography, 29 titles.

This study investigated the relationship between chil-dren's perception of parents as loving or rejecting and theAuthor: Barry S. Coakley. A STUDY OF THE DISCREPANCIES BETWEEN STUDENT EVALUATIONS AND FACULTY SELF­ PERCEPTIONS OF INSTRUCTIONAL PROCEDURES IN HIGHER EDUCATION.

Western Michigan University, Ed.D., Education, higher University Microfilms, A XEROX Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan THIS DISSERTATION HAS BEEN MICROFILMED EXACTLY AS by: 1.

Teachers' conceptions of teaching are also explored and provide extra insight and understanding of the approach to learning and teaching taking place. Key findings of this multifaceted study employing a case study with a mixed method approach include a difference between students' and teachers' perceptions of approaches to learning and by: 3.

TEACHERS’ AND STUDENTS’ PERCEPTIONS OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF CORRECTIVE FEEDBACK IN WRITING Najmaddin, Shler M.A, Department of Teaching English as a Foreign Language Supervisor: Asst.

Prof. JoDee Walters July This study was designed to investigate student and teacher perception of four. The achievement gap, the disparity in the academic performance of students, especially in groups of minority students and students of low socioeconomic status in relation to the academic performance of their peers (Abramson, ), has been a disturbing reality of our education system since public education's inception in the by: 1.

Assessment Practices: Student’s and Teachers’ Perceptions of Classroom Assessment Sayed Ahmad Javid Mussawy Assessment, defined as “a systematic process for gathering data about student achievement,” is an essential component of teaching (Dhindsa, Omar, & Waldrip,p.

In the study reported here, I compare Learner-Centered Battery (a questionnaire of students’ perceptions of the classroom) results and the observation and interview data gathered in one sixth-grade classroom noting first a discrepancy between the descriptions of the classroom that stems from by: Teacher Education and Administration M.

Jean Keller, Dean of the College of Education Sandra L. Terrell, Dean of the Robert B. Toulouse School of Graduate Studies AN EXAMINATION OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TEACHER EFFICACY AND TEACHERS’ PERCEPTIONS OF THEIR PRINCIPALS’ LEADERSHIP BEHAVIORS Harry D.

Ryan, B.S., by: 8. To date little research has explored how teacher goal orientation might influence students’ perceptions. This study examined whether there is a relationship between teachers’ goal orientation towards their teaching, students’ perceptions of teacher goals for classroom structure and student engagement, sense of community, and student.

In Katia’s remedial mathematics study, she collected pretest data from a group of participants. She divided the participants into three groups. One group received no treatment, one group received instruction by a teacher-delivered intervention, one group received peer tutoring on the same problems.

The Impact of Teacher Attitudes and Perceptions of Direct Instruction on Student Achievement in Reading By Sharon P. Collum A Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Education Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA March 22, APPROVED BY: DR.

JUDY P. SHOEMAKER, Chair March 22, DR. The purpose of this study was to examine secondary-level social science teachers’ reported implicit beliefs about intelligence as measured by Dweck’s Theories of Intelligence Survey, and teachers’ levels of efficacy as measured by Gibson and Dembo’s Teacher Efficacy Survey, in relation to their students’ perception of goal orientation in the classroom as measured by Midgley’s PALS.

An ASCD Study Guide for Beyond Co-Teaching Basics. This Study Guide is designed to deepen your understanding of Beyond Co-Teaching Basics: A Data-Driven, No-Fail Model for Continuous Improvement, an ASCD book written by Wendy W. Murawski and Wendy W.

Lochner. You can use the study guide before or after you have read the book, or as you finish. The study shows that pupils’ perceptions are on average in line with teachers’ actual behavior. But there are interesting findings depending on teacher and student gender.

We find that the most important effects come from the interplay between student and teacher gender. FIRST GRADE TEACHER PERCEPTIONS OF A CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAM ABSTRACT The purpose of this phenomenological study will be to describe perceptions of first grade teachers at a north Georgia elementary school regarding a character education program.

Although the debate continues as to who should instill our children with values, little. THE EFFECT OF TEACHERS’ EXPECTATIONS AND PERCEPTIONS ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT IN READING FOR THIRD AND FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS by Alfreda Ragland Williams May All too often, a student’s lack of success is blamed on his or her background, and/or the parent or the parent’s educational level.

Many factors such as socioeconomicAuthor: Alfreda Ragland Williams. TEACHERS’ PERCEPTIONS OF THE IMPLEMENTATION OF MULTICULTURAL This study explored teachers’ perceptions on the implementation of multicultural Liaison between book publishers and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary educations Inclusion of other marginalised indigenous languages onto the.

More than two options for the response. Allows for broad range of possible responses, and is simple to administer and code. Ex: "If you were to buy a Blu-Ray player tomorrow, which brand would you most likely purchase: Would it be a.

Nov 09,  · A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice. The clinical practice stimulates students to use their critical thinking skills for problem solving Discrepancy between theory and practice has long been a source of concern to teachers, practitioners and learners.

Cited by:. Free Online Library: Teachers' perceptions of students' challenging behavior and the impact of teacher demographics.(Report) by "Education & Treatment of Children"; Family and marriage Social sciences, general Elementary school students Surveys Problem children Behavior Teacher-student relations Research Teacher-student relationships Analysis.Teachers' Perceptions of the Teaching Profession and Educational Reform.

Page, Fred M., Jr.; Page, Jane A. This study sought to determine the views of teachers in 40 school systems in the service area of Southeast Georgia (SEGA) on teaching as a career and a variety of educational reform Fred M.

Page, Jane A. Page.The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of teachers at Menomonie High School regarding the academic achievement of athletes. A review of the literature indicates that athletes have better grades and standardized test scores than non-athletes.

Researchers have attempted to explain this discrepancy since it was first noted. Three.

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